Monday, December 11, 2023

Rebag and ThredUp Partner On Clean Out Resale Program: ‘A Good Alignment’


Luxury handbag reseller Rebag, and resale platform ThredUp, have announced a collaborative venture to propel their shared commitment to sustainability.

The new partnership marks the launch of Rebag’s Clean Out program, which is an extension of ThredUp’s innovative Resale-as-a-Service initiative. The effort broadens the scope of options for consumers in the luxury and non-luxury segments.

Charles Gorra, CEO of Rebag, outlined the synergy between the two companies: “We cover very specific segments of the market, which is the high-end luxury resale segment, and obviously ThredUp covers another segment, which is broader, in particular across more brands and more categories. So we thought it was a good alignment here to do something together so that we bring our two communities together and offer something for both buyers and sellers.”

The Clean Out program offers a unique opportunity for customers to trade their items with ThredUp in return for credit that can be used on Rebag’s platform. This exchange can be accessed through both companies’ websites. Additionally, ThredUp will feature a special section on its site showcasing Rebag’s luxury handbag selections available for purchase.

ThredUp box
Courtesy ThredUp

“Both companies have spent over a decade modernizing resale with a focus on different customer segments; and now, we’re leveraging the advantages of each other’s marketplaces to elevate secondhand further,” said James Reinhart, CEO of ThredUp. “We see this as an example for how ThredUp can leverage its unique platform, technology, and operations to support others in the industry to create a more sustainable future for fashion.”

This partnership offers tangible benefits for the clientele of both companies. Rebag customers can now consign a broader range of fashion items beyond luxury goods, while ThredUp patrons gain access to an exclusive collection of luxury handbags.

“It goes to the idea that if you want to solve the fashion sustainability issue at some point, no one company or no one offering solves one hundred percent of the problem for customers in the market,” Gorra said.

“So we are very cognizant that we have developed something unique that solves that very high-end selling and buying environment, but we also know that many customers have other needs — in particular when it comes to apparel, which is a very large part of this market that we are barely in, and when it comes to non-luxury brands.”

Since its inception in 2019, ThredUp’s Resale-as-a-Service platform has rapidly expanded its brand portfolio, now including Madewell, Reformation, J.Crew, Farfetch, Kate Spade New York, Banana Republic, among others.

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