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Samsung Ups the Recycled, Bio Materials for Its Most Sustainable Smartphone Cases to Date


Samsung’s commitment to positive environmental change sees the tech giant pledge to use recycled materials across all mobile products by 2025. Its latest effort comes via eight new smartphone cases made with recycled and bio-based materials.

Leveraging technology to empower individuals to make positive environmental changes, Samsung says its corporate sustainability vision, Everyday Sustainability, aims to minimize its impact on the planet.

Its latest commitment comes via the Samsung Galaxy S23 series, which features a wider range of recycled materials than any previous Galaxy smartphone. These materials include pre-consumer recycled glass, aluminum, and post-consumer recycled plastics derived from discarded fishing nets, water barrels, and PET bottles.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra has doubled the number of components made with recycled materials compared to its predecessor.

To further support its sustainability commitments, Samsung has introduced eco-conscious materials in smartphone cases for all eight styles of the Galaxy S23 series, as well as the Screen Protector.

The new series is part of Samsung’s broader sustainability efforts outlined in its Galaxy for the Planet initiative. The company also supports its customers’ sustainability commitments via the Samsung’s Certified Re-Newed program that refurbishes and repurposes gently used phones in order to help avoid landfill waste.

samsung cases
Samsung’s newest cases are their most sustainable to date | Courtesy

The Silicone Grip Case promotes improved resource circularity through the integration of post-consumer recycled plastics. The inner frame of the case consists of a material sourced from discarded water barrels, containing a minimum of 20 percent post-consumer recycled plastic. The case’s interior features recycled microfiber, made with a minimum of 29 percent recycled PET plastics. Additionally, each Silicone Grip Case comes with a strap composed of fabric containing 86 percent recycled PET plastics, providing a flexible and durable accessory.

The Smart View Wallet Case allows users easy access to the device’s interactive display without the need to open the cover. The case is designed with eco-conscious materials including a minimum of 21 percent bio-based content. The inner frame utilizes a material consisting of a minimum of 20 percent post-consumer recycled plastics, while the case’s interior is made with recycled microfibers containing a minimum of 29 percent recycled PET plastics.

The Rugged Gadget Case is built to meet military-grade standards. The case’s durability is complemented by the use of recycled materials. The outer frame contains a material with a minimum of 37 percent bio-based content.

The new cases come after the Earth Day launch of the Samsung Galaxy x MSFTSrep Eco-conscious Collection designed with MSFTS founder Jaden Smith. That collection featured four styles made from consciously sourced materials for the Galaxy S23 Ultra, Galaxy Z Flip4, Galaxy Buds2 Pro and Galaxy Watch bands and matching watch face designs.

samsung sustainable
Sami Miro designed eco watch straps for Samsung | Courtesy

“I think the public shift towards sustainability is amazing because people are waking up and realizing what we actually have to do to change the world,” Smith said in a statement. “We have to change the way that we produce and the way that we consume, and everyone is waking up.” 

Samsung’s first sustainable series launched in 2021 with Sami Miro, a Los Angeles-based designer and founder of Sami Miro Vintage. Miro designed six watchbands and three watch faces with sustainable materials. The tech giant also worked with Sean Wotherspoon, co-founder of Round Two and creator of Sean Wotherspoon Designs for Earth Day in 2022. Wotherspoon released a sustainable accessories collection that included three cases for the Galaxy S21, three matching watchbands for the Galaxy Watch4 series, and complimentary watch faces.

Last year, Samsung launched the Galaxy S22 series made from upcycled fishing nets.

“Plastic pollution poses serious threats to our environment, and discarded fishing nets are especially harmful to marine life and our oceans,” the company said in a statement. “By collaborating with leading organizations, Samsung helps recover discarded fishing nets and transforms them into a high-performance material for our smartphones.”

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