75% of Travelers Want More Sustainable Options: Report


The busiest travel year since the start of the pandemic sees travelers considering their climate impact and the demand for more sustainable travel options, finds new research.

Climate change and environmental concerns have reached a critical juncture, necessitating a paradigm shift towards sustainability. This global trend is set to reshape industries worldwide, with the travel and tourism sector facing a profound transformation. Stakeholders in tourism must reevaluate their practices and adopt new models to ensure a sustainable future. The goal: advancing towards net-zero, nature-positive tourism that not only benefits the environment but also empowers local communities.

In a recent report titled ‘A World in Motion,’ jointly released by the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), Trip.com Group, and Deloitte, a significant shift is evident, with 75 percent of travelers expressing an interest in embracing sustainable travel in the future. This growing trend highlights the importance of providing travelers with more information and choices, as 69 percent actively seek sustainable travel options.

Trip.com Group has recognized this changing landscape and unveiled a long-term commitment to foster green tourism. This initiative encompasses three critical areas:

  1. Partnering for Low-Carbon Travel: Trip.com Group is collaborating with partners to launch over 10,000 low-carbon travel products, catering to eco-conscious travelers.
  2. Promoting Sustainable Practices: The company aims to engage 100 million travelers in low-carbon practices, spreading awareness and encouraging responsible travel choices.
  3. Reducing Carbon Emissions: Trip.com Group is actively working to further decrease carbon emissions across its operations, making sustainability a cornerstone of its strategy.

To bolster its sustainability efforts, Trip.com Group has joined forces with CHOOOSE, an organization dedicated to offsetting CO2 emissions from flights by supporting impactful climate solutions worldwide. The results are promising, with over 16 million individuals choosing Trip.com Group’s low-carbon products. Gen Z, in particular, exhibits a strong preference for sustainability, with the conversion rate for low-carbon flights surpassing regular flights by 15 percent.

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Achieving sustainable travel goals necessitates collaboration with diverse stakeholders. Last year, Trip.com Group’s partnership with the WTTC led to the release of the Sustainable Travel Consumer Report 2022, establishing sustainable travel as a global trend. In March of this year, Trip.com Group, in conjunction with Accor and McKinsey, released a whitepaper on sustainable travel in China, outlining industry and consumer recommendations.

In a more recent development, Trip.com Group has expanded its partnerships to include influential organizations such as the UN Global Compact, Global Sustainable Tourism Council, and WTTC, all advocating for low-carbon practices. The company is also a Founding Partner of Travalyst, a not-for-profit sustainable travel coalition. Trip.Biz, the Group’s corporate travel arm, fully integrates the Travalyst Aviation Framework on emissions, emphasizing shared principles and preferred methodologies for estimating carbon emissions from air travel.

Managed effectively, tourism can positively impact a destination’s socio-cultural, economic, and environmental development. This represents a significant opportunity for countries and communities worldwide. Sustainable planning and management must underpin the future of tourism, aligning business structures with the pressing need for environmental stewardship and community empowerment. Trip.com Group stands at the forefront of this transformative journey, leading the charge towards a sustainable and responsible travel industry.

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