Monday, December 11, 2023

Balenciaga Showcases Another Biomaterial, Gozen’s Lunaform Debuts at Paris Fashion Week


Balenciaga introduced another groundbreaking material last Sunday during Paris Fashion Week in a design featuring Lunaform, an innovation by the biomaterials startup, Gozen.

The new Gozen sustainable biomaterial, which is both plastic-free and animal-free, promises to reshape the fabric landscape of the fashion industry.

Gozen’s Lunagorm genesis is what the company says is a testament to nature’s wonder and modern science. It is cultivated in a nutrient-rich milieu, where microorganisms weave ultra-crystalline structures. As natural agents come into play, a 3D super-material takes shape. Lunaform isn’t made of microorganisms but is rather a consequence of their intrinsic actions. This creation process is distinguished by its vegan, non-GMO characteristics.

Founded by Ece Gozen in 2020, the company is quickly a beacon in biocreation. Gozen says it aspires to revolutionize human interaction with the environment, promoting harmony between artistic expression and environmental reverence. Gozen’s approach blends ancient techniques of tapping into natural processes with avant-garde technology.

Balenciaga's new mycelium leather coat is at select stores
Balenciaga’s Sqim mycelium leather coat | Courtesy

Unlike other plant-based leathers that often combine various materials, Lunaform uses a singular process. This singular focus lends it superior tensile strength compared to plant and mycelium-based materials. At a minimal thickness of 0.2 mm, Lunaform manages to outdo traditional animal leather in strength while also offering a unique natural softness and drape. The flexibility in its design, evident from the vast 13 square foot sheets with adjustable thickness and texture, was exquisitely displayed in Balenciaga’s Lunaform Maxi Bathrobe Coat.

Ece Gozen, the visionary behind Gozen, perceives the alliance with Balenciaga as a significant stride toward redefining our bond with the environment. “Our mission transcends material innovation. It’s about reimagining our relationship with the natural world. By partnering with a visionary brand like Balenciaga, we’ve come one step closer to our goal,” she said in a statement.

The result of this approach was the unveiling of the Balenciaga Lunaform Maxi Bathrobe Coat in its Summer ’24 collection. This marriage of Balenciaga’s craftsmanship with Gozen’s revolutionary material is the fruit of two years of collaboration. Last October, Balenciaga debuted a vegan mycelium leather coat made from the biomaterials developed by the firm Sqim.

Paris Fashion Week also saw eco designer Stella McCartney debut an innovative materials market as part of her efforts to promote sustainability and circularity in the industry.

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