Elevate your life, sustainably
Elevate your life, sustainably

The Ethos Founders’ 7 Best Sustainable Travel Picks for Your Next Get Away

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Image courtesy Paravel

Where are you traveling to next? Be sure to do it like the Ethos Founders: the sustainable way with these eco travel accessories that can help you reduce your carbon footprint.

It’s been a long travel drought for most of us, but as the holidays are fast approaching, we can’t help but feel a little wanderlust. And as emissions-heavy as travel can be these days, we’re extra careful to make sure all of our travel accessories are as sustainable as possible. Here are our top Ethos founders picks to help you travel the eco and stylish way.

Jill’s Picks

1. Karl Lagerfeld Cactus Leather Tote

I’m a big fan of tote bags. I’m sure it has something to do with my bicycle messenger days and carrying all kinds of stuff in those big shoulder bags. Then, after I became a mom, I opted for a large tote rather than separate diaper bags—just more stuff for me to lose, after all! So aside from those clutch-worthy nights out, my bag ethos is always the bigger, the better. This is especially true when traveling.

There are lots of great tote bags out there, but I’m a bit obsessed with Karl Lagerfeld’s cactus leather tote. Not only is it roomy and gorgeous, but it’s one of the most eco-friendly bags out there—a big pivot from Lagerfeld’s fur-heavy days, this bag is made entirely out of plant leather. Times are indeed changing, and this bag is symbolic of all of that. Load it up and enjoy.

2. Gucci Tennis 1977 GG High Top Sneakers

I have two hard and fast air travel rules: window seats only and no open-toed shoes. Planes are always drafty and I always feel vulnerable in sandals in busy places, especially airports. I know it’s a pain to re-lace after TSA, but it’s a must for me. I also love walking or biking around my destination, even if it’s a short trip, so I always want to have a good pair of walking shoes or sneakers along with me.

Gucci has been upping its sustainable offerings for some time and these eco-washed organic high-tops are the perfect travel and walking shoe. The GG jacquard denim and 1977 label are super cute, and your feet will love the feel of the organic fabric upper, organic cotton lining, and eco rubber soles.

3. Janessa Leoné Bucket Hat

My other air travel rule: hats or hoodies. I like to feel insulated (if that wasn’t already obvious) and in this new age of germ awareness, the last thing I want to do is lean my head against a community seat unprotected. Typically, I opt for hoodies since they also keep me warm. But my preferred destinations are warm places, so the plane is often the only place where a hoodie makes sense. Enter: the bucket hat. Since its got a modest brim, you can wear it comfortably on a plane seat. They’re cuter than a standard beanie or baseball cap. And if you haven’t seen the news, they’re super on trend with everyone from Rihanna, to Hailey Bieber to Brad Pitt sporting them.

This cute bucket hat from Janessa Leoné offers up double duty if you’re heading someplace where it rains. It’s waterproof nylon, cute, and easily packable if you don’t take it with you on the plane. Leoné’s ethos centers around conscious consumption, making informed choices, and offering higher quality products. “Our mission is to build a business that enriches the lives of our employees, artisans, the customers we serve, the communities we are a part of, and the world in which we live,” the website reads.

Jackie’s Picks

1. Paravel Luggage

The first step to sustainable travel is sustainable luggage! Paravel is definitely a leader when it comes to eco-friendly suitcases as most of their designs feature a recycled polycarbonate exterior, recycled aluminum handles, vegan leather details, and even recycled zippers. All in, this set above is made from 31 post-consumer plastic water bottles. 

I am also an overly organized traveller and am obsessed with the travel cubes that come with this set. The cubes help keep all of your clothes tidy and organized, and they fit perfectly into the suitcase.

2. Tata Harper Travel Essentials

I’ll admit, I have a moderately intense skincare routine. From the years of battling oil skin and acne to the now looming concerns of my 30-something-skin, I use more than a handful of products daily. However, while I kept my routine precise while at home, traveling with all my beloved products was impossible, until I found this 6-step routine from clean beauty pioneers, Tata Harper. 

The travel sized essentials bundle includes everything you need to keep your skin clean, acne-free, and glowing while traveling including cleanser, mask, floral essence, serum, moisturizer, and face oil.

3. House of Marley Headphones

When on an airplane I am either sleeping, working, or catching up on a TV show. In all cases noise cancelling headphones are an absolute must. They are also extremely helpful when I am working on the road from cafes or have to join a conference call while on the go. 

These wireless headphones from eco tech brand House of Marley are sleek, stylish, and sustainable. They are designed with FSC certified wood, recyclable aluminum, durable stainless steel and shipped in 100% recyclable packaging. They are also equipped with 30 hours of playtime and a travel-friendly foldable design.

4. Nimble Portable Charger

If you are like me and your travel is always a mix of work and play, you probably suck the juice out of your phone by noon. I am constantly in video mode while traveling and my iPhone gets the brunt of it. I started traveling with a portable charger ages ago and honestly, don’t know how I ever lived without it. 

I love this compact charger from Nimble because it is smaller than a pack of cards and easily fits into any purse I grab for the day. The 10,000 mAh holds battery for up to 3 days of power, plenty to charge up my iPhone as many times as needed. The design is made with 100% recycled plastic and ships in plastic-free packaging as well.

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Elevate your life, sustainably


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