Saturday, December 9, 2023

Europe’s Popular Buycycle Resale Platform Comes to the U.S. With 15,000 Secondhand Bikes


Buycycle, a leading European marketplace for premium pre-owned bicycles, is making its foray into the American market.

The market for new bikes in the U.S. was valued at $12 billion in 2021, and experts forecast it will continue to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 8.8 percent through 2030.

In an industry largely dominated by new bike sales, Buycycle offers a unique value proposition, particularly as consumers are eagerly embracing the secondhand market. A report last week from OfferUp found that 85 percent of U.S. consumers are now engaging in a range of resale markets.

Buycycle’s platform currently showcases more than 15,000 pre-owned and refurbished bikes and operates in 30 countries. The platform is rooted in a quest for affordability and trust. “Since we launched Buycycle in 2021, we have grown super fast across Europe,” Theo Golditchuk, CEO and Co-Founder of Buycycle, said in a statement.

woman riding a bicycle
Cycling or walking can help minimize a traveler’s carbon footprint. | Photo courtesy Daria Obymaha

“The strong demand in the U.S. took us by surprise — we noticed an uptick in organic sales which showed us that there is a big interest in pre-owned bikes and the need for a platform where people can buy and sell them safely and conveniently,” Golditchuk said.

To meet this demand, the company has assembled a specialized U.S. team and is eager to replicate its European success stateside.

The venture provides not just a marketplace, but it’s also a burgeoning community for cycling enthusiasts. It guarantees a secure buying experience with measures such as buyer protection, high-quality service, and insurance options. By creating a reliable environment for the sale and purchase of used bikes, Buycycle aims to be as straightforward and secure as other forms of online shopping.

Moreover, the platform is promoting sustainability by fostering a circular economy within the mobility sector. By making pre-owned bikes easily accessible, Buycycle gives a second life to high-quality bicycles and offers prices discounted by up to 70 percent.

As Buycycle extends its digital footprint to the U.S., it stands poised to disrupt a burgeoning market by combining affordability, safety, and sustainability. The company envisions itself as not just a platform for transactions, but as a global community that connects bike enthusiasts and makes cycling more accessible without sacrificing quality or performance.

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