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Eco Travel Guide to Seattle: The Greenest Way to Visit the Emerald City


Seattle is a must-visit Pacific Northwest destination with world-class hotels, restaurants, and activities. And the lush Emerald City is also leading the way in sustainability. Here are the eco-travel destinations in Seattle.

Located in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, Seattle boasts not only breathtaking natural beauty but also a community dedicated to preserving and celebrating it. In an era where mindful choices carry weightier significance than ever before, embarking on an eco-friendly journey to Seattle unveils a tapestry of places that harmonize adventure with environmental consciousness.

From airport transfer that cares, to accommodation that is good for the planet, and food so yummy you’d think it would be ripping a hole in the ozone. Seattle is a city that is fully embracing the shift to a more sensible way of living. Let’s take a look.

Responsible transportation

A number of providers offer you the option to offset your carbon footprint by spending a bit more, whereas others have fully altered their transportation practices with vehicles that are less harmful to the environment. When arriving in the Emerald City, choose an AtoB Seatle Airport taxi service that will go the extra mile not only in terms of the standard of service but also with their approach to sustainability. you can also go green by taking the Link light rail from the airport to downtown Seattle.

Four Seasons Seattle
Four Seasons Seattle | Courtesy

Where to stay

Caring for the environment can take many shapes, sizes, and forms. When it comes to accommodation, be this either in the form of a house, hotel, or other lodging, caring for the environment isn’t just about putting the correct garbage into the correctly-coloured bag — there’s much more to it.

A number of hotel operators are taking the initiative to take their lodgings to the 21st century. With electricity powered by the sun, composters for your garbage, and even some houses that have been built almost entirely with reclaimed materials, the following 2 picks are among the most sustainable in Seattle: 

Hyatt At Olive 8

A four-star hotel that was the first in Seattle to be LEED-certified, this destination is conveniently located downtown, walking distance from Pike Place Market, Whole Foods, great coffee shops, and more.

The Edgewater Hotel

Holding a Green Eco-Leaf Rating from, the Edgewater Hotel is committed to sustainable practices. The property is equipped with energy-saving lights and appliances, and also employs a system for recycling water. And guests say this four-star stay boasts some of the best views in the city.

Four Seasons Hotel Seattle

Situated at 99 Union Street, this luxurious five-star hotel is conveniently close to the city’s iconic landmarks. It’s just a three-minute stroll from the Seattle Museum of Art, a six-minute walk from Pike Place Market, and a mile away from the Space Needle. Guests can relish the breathtaking vistas of nearby scenic spots, including the waterfront, cityscape, and mountain ranges. The hotel’s amenities are equally impressive, boasting a rooftop infinity pool, a round-the-clock fitness center, and a spa inspired by the Pacific Northwest.

Like all of its locations, Four Seasons Hotel Seattle is actively engaged in creating a more sustainable and environmentally conscious travel experience. Its green initiatives aim to positively influence the surrounding ecosystem. The broader program at Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts focuses on dual key aspects: environmental stewardship, referred to as ‘Planet’, and social responsibility, known as ‘People’.

Plum Bistro
Plum Bistro | Courtesy

Where to eat

A number of restaurants in Seattle are embracing sustainable dining. From locally sourced ingredients to low-carbon vegan options, there’s a thriving eco food scene in Seattle.

Plum Bistro

Enjoy a dine-in experience with a completely plant-based selection that ranges from salads to oyster mushroom calamari to tofu Reubens and macaroni spiced with Cajun-style ‘yease’. A long-time city favorite for vegan fare, this is a must-stop.

Cafe Flora

This beloved venue proves that plants are versatile and delectable, with options like kale artichoke dip, nettle-infused risotto, and Italian-style black bean burgers. Come for the food, but stay for the airy vibes.

Frankie & Joe’s

Got a sweet tooth? Frankie & Joe’s, a fully-vegan ice cream parlor, aims to reduce the impact of dairy farms on the environment, by using plants instead of dairy — a leading producer of greenhouse gas emissions.

Pike Place Market
Photo courtey Erin Hervey

What to do

Climate Pledge Arena

Seattle’s Climate Pledge Arena serves as a modern testament to environmental sustainability, setting new standards for arenas worldwide. Equipped with state-of-the-art green technology, the venue aims to be net-zero carbon in its operations. Beyond hosting sports and concerts, it symbolizes a committed step toward combating climate change. See a game or show here or come for a tour. Then head back downtown for a stroll through the Pike Place Market.

Take a chocolate tour at Theo

The Theo Factory tour is more than just an opportunity to stuff your face with the free samples — although there will be plenty of time for that! It’s also an opportunity to check out how Fair Trade chocolate is made and why that’s so important to support. Book your tour in advance to make sure there’s a spot for you.

REI’s urban wetlands kayak tour

Spend an afternoon kayaking through Mercer Slough Nature Park, Lake Washington’s most extensive remaining wetland. Your three-hour aquatic adventure starts in the Bellevue neighborhood, taking you out away from the bustle of the city where you’re likely to see waterfowl, muskrats, frogs, or even the hard-to-spot Western Pond Turtle.

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