Saturday, December 9, 2023

Good Nature.

Join our vibrant Ethos community and engage with others pursuing a healthier, more sustainable world. We’ll talk with industry leaders and innovators across food, fashion, wellness, and more. Enjoy delicious plant-based food, shop our eco vendor’s market, and make new friends. We’re so glad you’re here.

Join us for our in-person salon and marketplace.

Saturday, November 4 | West Hollywood, California

We’re bringing our Ethos to you with the Good Nature salon and marketplace this November. We’ll be joined by industry experts and thought leaders for discussions, demos, and panels that will leave us all feeling empowered, hopeful, and inspired.


A day pass gets you access to the full Saturday event. A VIP pass gets you access to the full day + a VIP gift bag worth over $100.

Good Nature: What to expect

Join us for a full day of programming, including light bites, drinks, expert talks, and demos. We’ll meet at the gorgeous Hommes + Gardens showroom in West Hollywood. Peruse our holiday market, enjoy sampling and mingling, and join us on the patio for our garden talks. VIP ticket holders take home a gift bag worth more than $200.

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1:00 – Doors
1:15 – Herb garden demo with Hommes + Gardens founder, Michael O’Brien
1:45 – The food connection panel with Chef Babette Davis, Chef Chris Tucker, Vkind founder Star Simmons, and Ethos founder Jill Ettinger
2:30 – Sustainable fashion panel with Morgan Hutchinson of Buru, Rozae Nichols of Flora Animalia, Stacy Grace of Kent, and Jeff Scult of One Golden Thread
3:15 – Compost demo with Michael O’Brien and Stacy Grace
3:40 – Bringing sustainability home panel with Graham Hill of Carbonauts, Elisha Chan of Fair Trade LA, Robin Doyle of Beautyologie, + Marjorie Williams of Ridwell
4:30 – Responsible jewelry designer Jean Dousset in conversation with Ethos founder Jill Ettinger


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Jean Dousset

As the great-great-grandson of Louis Cartier, Jean Dousset was born into a jewelry-making legacy synonymous with luxury, innovation, and a forward-thinking point of view.  The jewelry designer is known for his made-to-order, distinctive designs that maximize beauty, express individuality, and also reflect the elegance of his jewelry-making heritage. With a background working with some of the most significant names in jewelry making and design (Chaumet, Boucheron, Van Cleef & Arpels), Jean is an expert in high jewelry and bespoke diamond jewelry.

In 2021, Jean Dousset set out to write the next chapter in his family’s legacy. With a vision for innovation and the goal to liberate people from the restrictive options of mined diamonds, Jean embraced the opportunity to shape the future of the diamond industry by launching a luxury heritage lab-grown diamond jewelry collection. 

Earlier this year, Jean Dousset went through a pivotal transformation with a rebrand, expanded assortment, and move to 100% lab diamond jewelry and engagement rings. In September, Dousset opened a first-of-its-kind luxury lab-grown jewelry boutique in West Hollywood, welcoming clients and passersby alike to embark on a journey of luxury and evolution.

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Jill Ettinger, Ethos

Jill Ettinger is the founder, CEO, and editorial director of Ethos — the leading digital media platform for elevated sustainable and ethical living. Before launching Ethos, Jill spent more than a decade in the digital media world primarily focused on supporting women-led impact media platforms. She works with companies and publishers on growth-focused content strategies, events, and creative and effective ways to reduce their carbon footprints.

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Stacy Grace, Kent

Stacy Grace is the Co-Founder and CEO of KENT, a first to market compostable clothing basics brand on a mission to eliminate plastic and landfill waste from the fashion industry, for good. KENT plant-able basics have been featured in Business of Fashion, Fast Company (2023 World Changing Ideas Finalist), Bloomberg, Refinery29, Hypebae, The Financial Times, and the first-ever live bidding war on Shark Tank. Prior to founding KENT, Stacy spent 10+ years in the sustainable fashion world, including being a lead consultant advising brands on impact strategy for TOMS, Timberland, SONY, VF and more. She is a Tory Burch Fellow, CAFA Sustainability Award Winner, Mum, and Canadian living in LA.

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Rozae Nichols, Flora Animalia

Rozae Nichols is a veteran clothing designer, an edible food gardener, and a passionate vegan and ecology and animal rights advocate. For more than three decades, Rozae has designed women’s apparel with an intimate, hands-on approach. Her eponymous designs have attracted celebrity followings including Gwyneth Paltrow, Helena Christensen, Arianna Huffington, Kate Hudson, Beyoncé, and Natalie Portman. Her most recent venture, the LA-based sustainable label, Flora Animalia, is a series of focused capsule collections of utilitarian garden and workwear offerings, locally produced using only clean crop Belgian Linens and GOTS-certified organic cotton.

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Graham Hill

Graham Hill, Carbonauts

Hailed as one of Fast Co.’s “100 Most Creative People in Business” Graham Hill’s 23-year environmental career has many achievements. There was the groundbreaking, highest trafficked green website that was sold to Discovery Channel and has served billions of page views, LifeEdited, a small living consultancy with projects on the cover of Dwell and features in the NYT and two main-stage TED talks that have reached over 11 million views. Graham’s latest adventure is The Carbonauts. With Clients including Amazon, AT&T, and Disney their mission is to get 25% of the population to live compelling, lower-footprint lives and precipitate a tipping point that will pave the way for the rest of society to move rapidly to net-zero. They are doing this by providing the best interactive workshops on the planet, for the planet.

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Morgan Hutchinson

Morgan Hutchinson, Buru

In 2013, BURU was born out of necessity when designer and founder Morgan Hutchinson, a new mom at the time, realized she needed fashionable yet functional pieces for her new phase of life.Necessity was the real mother of invention, but soon Morgan found it was more than just moms looking for effortless-yet-functional polish.

Over ten years later, Morgan along with her husband, Brett, have built a brand for women in all stages of life. Today, their small-batch production begins with sketches that still originate in Morgan’s notebook and the deadstock fabrics they source year-round. Every Buru piece is inspired by the clothes her grandmother and mom wore, but designed for the life she leads today.

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Elisha Chan

Elisha Chan, Impactful Missions, Fair Trade LA

Elisha Chan is the founder of Impactful Missions, a nonprofit dedicated to ending poverty through job creation, education, and empowerment. She is also the Executive Director of Fair Trade LA, a nonprofit that officially made Los Angeles the largest Fair Trade City in North America and the fourth largest in the world. She found her passion while traveling on many Haiti trips as a student at UCLA and started her social enterprise, Impactful Market, six months after she graduated. She currently works with many artisans and producers throughout Haiti, while giving back to a small village called Fond Doux, Haiti. She has established a Scholarship Program that has given over 345 scholarships, sending underprivileged youth to school, from preschool to university. Now, she is building a Leadership Academy and Trade School in Haiti from the grounds up. A passionate advocator of establishing long-term solutions to break the cycle of poverty.

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Robin Doyle

Robin Doyle, Beautyologie

With 25+ years of experience in the beauty industry as a writer and publicist, Robin Doyle is a passionate advocate for beauty brands that use the industry as a vehicle for social change. Her mission is to motivate consumers to make ethical and educated choices with their purchasing power while illuminating the importance of fair trade practices. In 2021, she created, a fair trade and ethically-sourced online marketplace for conscious consumers who want beauty products from around the globe that make a difference, not just on the surface of their skin, but in the world we live in.

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Marjorie Williams

Marjorie Williams, Ridwell

Marjorie Williams is an accomplished PR specialist, sustainability advocate, and Community Lead for Ridwell, the innovative recycling startup that just launched in Los Angeles. With her passion for changing the way we view recycling, she has helped the company gain over 85,000 members and save over 15 million pounds of waste from landfills. She is a born and raised Angeleno, with a degree in Public Relations from USC, where she also aided in bringing TEDx to campus. When she isn’t figuring out new ways to recycle hard-to-recycle items – she loves to try new recipes, read a good book, or hike with her rescue puppy Wally.

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Michael O'Brien

Michael O’Brien, Hommes + Gardens

Michael is the founder of the Ethos venue, the lovely Hommes + Gardens showroom in West Hollywood, CA. Michael grew up in New Jersey, where he first developed a passion for gardening, inherited from his father, which then went dormant until he moved to Los Angeles five years ago. Prior to moving to LA, Michael lived in New York where space for an edible garden was only a dream, and the idea of gardening as a career, seemed outlandish. Little did he know that when he designed his first edible garden on the side of his house on the driveway, it would lead to becoming a certified organic gardener who now designs and maintains edible gardens for clients around LA. Aside from opening up the Hommes + Gardens Estudio showroom, on Santa Monica Blvd, Michael will also be launching a line of carbon neutral planters that are comprised of bio-char, with a focus on sustainability and design.

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Jeff Scult

Jeff Scult, One Golden Thread

Jeff Scult is the creator and designer of One Golden Thread, an earth-ethical “lovestyle” brand that’s reimagining fashion. At 51, Jeff made a significant pivot from being a seasoned entrepreneur in the corporate world to emerge as a first-time clothing designer. His unique twist? Harmonizing utilitarian intention with style, a design mantra centered on a minimalist mindset with maximal versatility, and introducing a beyond-sustainable model of regeneration. With an unwavering ethos at its core, Jeff’s mission is to marry fashion and functionality, urging authentic self-expression and a purpose-driven way of living. As an acknowledged voice in Regenerative Fashion, Jeff’s innovative approach has earned him three features in Forbes. He’s a sought-after voice on podcasts centered around conscious living and is gearing up to launch his own series, “Drops of Gold”, to spotlight the innate wisdom of fellow creators.

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Chef Babette

Chef Babette Davis

Chef Babette Davi is a globally recognized plant-based chef, fitness enthusiast and motivational speaker who calls Inglewood, Ca home. She pioneered the first plant-based restaurant, “Stuff I Eat” in her community in the early 2000s where she still receives visitors from around the world. Once a hairstylist, Babette became a self-taught chemist in the kitchen, perfecting eating healthy while keeping the flavor of her dishes the focal point. Her combination of thoughtful food preparation with an intense fitness regimen has made her one of the most sought-after experts in her field. 

On the cusp of her 73rd birthday, Babette was recently featured on the Tamron Hall show doing an Eight Minute plank and talking about her health journey. Her goal is to share knowledge with others and be a catalyst to get people moving. On her most recent podcast with Rich Roll, he crowned her the new “Inspirational Role Model” and that’s exactly what we need more of in the world today. Babette’s cookbook, Cash In on Cashews is packed full of healthful dessert recipes and she was featured on Home and Family, The Steve Harvey Show and Access Hollywood when the book launched. She has been featured in many docuseries such as Heart and Soul of a Champion, and made her television debut on Issa Rae’s hit show, Insecure.

This 72-year-old powerhouse gives daily motivation to her massive social media following and is often honored by Mercy for Animals for her advocacy work within the community. She is a globally sought-after speaker and a headliner for many VegFests around the U.S.

Chef Chris Tucker

Chef Chris Tucker

A Southern Chef at heart, Chris’s vegan journey began four short years ago when he discovered making beautiful baked goods and succulent meals could be achieved without harming animals. Chris’s menus range from dessert spreads of perfectly balanced buttercreams slathered atop delicate sponge, the most perfect cookies and countless flaky pastries. His savory side will make the purest of meat eaters change their ways when dining on one of his Six-Course Plant-Based meals! He uses the best quality, locally sourced ingredients like farmers market produce and only the freshest spices available. He spends much of his time creating and testing recipes for his private clients. When Chris isn’t in the kitchen, he can be found inspiring other chefs with his curated content through his digital platforms and on-camera appearances. In fact, he can be seen on the judging panel of Peeled, the first all vegan culinary cooking competition show streaming now. Chris has appeared on countless daytime programs such as Inside Edition, California Live, and ABC’s “On The Red Carpet.”

He continues to advocate small dietary changes through other LIVE segments with Tastemade, Amazon and Pinterest while demoing his plant-based craft. He was featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine for Pride Month and recently provided Vegan Desserts for Elton John’s Oscar Party for the third year in a row. He also did the Vegan Desserts for Steven Tyler’s Grammy party, which was a fundraiser for Janie’s Fund. Chris was recently the head of culinary for The Hollywood Climate Summit which is a four-day event in Los Angeles that merges climate activists and the world of Hollywood.

As a private chef in Los Angeles, Chris believes he can influence people to incorporate more plant-based meals into their daily diets by showing them how simple and delicious it can be. With charity at his core, Chris is constantly partnering with places like PETA and The Humane League while continuing to look for other ways to join forces with local and national organizations to bring a smile and resources to people, communities and causes in need. He is helming the culinary team for the forthcoming Vkind Experience taking place at the Magic Box in Downtown LA November 11-12.

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Star Simmons

Star Simmons, Vkind

Star Simmons is an accomplished entrepreneur with more than 25 years of business experience in the fields of finance, sales, marketing, and publishing. Having earned recognition as a visionary with an extraordinary ability to create valuable alliances, she has helped numerous companies build meaningful relationships and sustainable business models that lead to success. 

Her passion for animals and cruelty-free living has fueled her to adopt numerous rescue animals and inspire others to adopt a vegan lifestyle. In her daily quest to find new vegan products, she recognized the need for business resources to help vegan entrepreneurs connect with more vegan consumers and gain greater exposure in the growing VegEconomy. She is passionate about helping vegan companies understand the importance of smart marketing and building a sustainable business model. 

In her free time, Star enjoys doing hot yoga, experimenting with new vegan recipes, and cuddling with her animals.  She dreams of opening an animal rescue someday.

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