Monday, December 11, 2023

Idris Elba and Plant Faced Clothing Partner With the NFL to ‘Inspire Real Change’


The National Football League has introduced its new installment of “Origins: An NFL Collection” in partnership with Idris Elba and eco label Plant Faced Clothing as part of the 2023 NFL London Games happening this month.

Building on its longstanding sustainability commitments, the NFL has announced two new U.K.-focused partnerships with eco-clothing labels Don’t Stop Your Future and Plant Faced Clothing. The launch supports the three NFL games taking place in the U.K. this month The program emphasizes London’s design talent and underscores the local communities they uplift.

The freshly unveiled collection boasts a collaboration with acclaimed actor Idris Elba and his “Don’t Stop Your Future” brand as well as a collaboration with the eco-conscious apparel company, Plant Faced Clothing. The designs from both brands pull inspiration from the NFL’s emblematic uniforms, which have significantly influenced the U.K.’s street style.

The “Don’t Stop Your Future” lineup, established by Elba, offers apparel in hues like black, cream, and forest green, adorned with vibrant lettering. Elba initiated the brand with a noble cause: collaborating with grassroots community organizations to curtail knife crime and uplift marginalized communities. He ensures that all of the brand’s earnings directly support these initiatives.

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“We created ‘Don’t Stop Your Future’ to help fight against knife crime and through partnering with other like-minded organisations we believe we can inspire real change,” Elba said in a statement. “This is the second time that I’ve worked with NFL to promote Don’t Stop Your Future and each time it’s allowed me to design collections that I think fans will love.”

Plant Faced Clothing champions ethical and cruelty-free fashion. Its collection, which includes shirts and hoodies, comes in shades such as cream, black, and grey, embellished with whimsical cartoon-like designs. The label’s commitment to non-exploitation, whether of humans, animals, or plants, aligns with its 100 percent ethically made clothing. Notably, the brand has earned praise from notable figures, including pop sensation Miley Cyrus.

“We are committed to preserving the planet through promoting a new wave of consciousness with plant-based and ethical fashion,” said Plant Faced Clothing’s founder Charlie McEvoy. “Working with the NFL for Origins, we wanted to overlap in our values to further spread our message far and wide but to also create clothing that has a truly unique flavour, which can help more people make a more conscious choice.”

Dukes Cupboard, known for its long queues and celebrity clientele like Bella Hadid and Ray Winstone, was founded by duo Milo Harley and Ned Membery. The store, which celebrates American culture through its vast streetwear collection, will exclusively house the NFL’s “Origins” collection until 14 October.

Salha Latif, Vice President of International Consumer Products at NFL, expressed her excitement, stating, “We successfully introduced Origins, the NFL’s grassroots merchandise programme spotlighting local design talent, to the U.K. at last year’s NFL London Games. We’re thrilled to be working with purpose-led designers Don’t Stop Your Future and Plant Faced Clothing this season, to showcase their passion for change alongside the NFL’s unique influence on street fashion in the U.K.”

As a part of the broader NFL’s “A Different League” campaign, this season’s Origins collection drop celebrates the NFL’s distinct cultural and sporting impact, marking it as an unparalleled experience.

Fashion enthusiasts can catch the “Origins: An NFL Collection” at Dukes Cupboard, starting midday on 13 October and running through 14 October.

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