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At Stella McCartney’s Paris Fashion Week Show, Luxury and Activism Coexist


Stella McCartney’s FW24 show at Paris Fashion Week didn’t just turn up the luxe glam — it turned up the volume on the state of the planet.

A Beatles reunion, a Spice Girl, Academy Award winners, a retro fashion tribute, and an uncompromising call to action for the planet comingled at Stella McCartney’s Paris Fashion Week FW24 show at the greenhouse in Paris’ Parc Andre Citroen. The designer’s latest fall collection debuted with a striking message about sustainability and luxury, narrated through a compelling film voiced by Oscar winners Olivia Colman and Helen Mirren. The film, laden with expletives, called for the urgent protection of Mother Earth, setting the tone for a fashion show where glamour and environmental responsibility intertwined seamlessly.

At the forefront of McCartney’s presentation were innovative materials such as sequins crafted from recycled aluminum and sparkling faux-diamond details, alongside alternative leather handbags. The collection also showcased mock crocodile-skin trench coats made from AppleSkin, an eco-friendly vegan leather derived from apple waste. Adding to the allure, dramatic coat dresses adorned with cascading shaggy hoops were introduced, with one such piece modeled by Lila Moss, daughter of iconic supermodel Kate Moss, earning the moniker “the new fur coat” from fashion insiders.

Lila Moss in blue shawl for Stella McCartney.
Lila Moss for Stella McCartney | Courtesy

The collection paid homage to the ’80s with stiff shoulder pads while infusing a touch of punk through an asymmetrical vegan leather stud dress. McCartney’s vision was clear: sustainability does not have to compromise luxury. The designer, daughter of ex-Beatle Paul McCartney and the late Linda McCartney showcased efforts to merge environmental consciousness with high fashion that were particularly aimed at Antoine Arnault of LVMH, the world’s leading luxury group. In her conversation with The Associated Press, McCartney emphasized her strategy of “infiltrate from within” to initiate change within the industry, which is a significant contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions.

“I’m fighting inside, and they’re very open-hearted to it. I’m very encouraged,” McCartney said, acknowledging the support from LVMH, which acquired a minority stake in her brand in 2019. The endorsement from LVMH CEO Bernard Arnault was highlighted as a powerful signal to the fashion industry at large.

Stella McCartney greets the crowd.
Designer Stella McCartney | Courtesy

LVMH has underscored its commitment to sustainability, noting in a fact sheet distributed to guests that ninety percent of the season’s ready-to-wear lineup was made from “responsible materials.” This move aligns with McCartney’s vision of integrating sustainable practices into luxury fashion, proving that the industry can evolve to meet environmental challenges without sacrificing elegance and style.

The show also attracted notable guests, including a rare Beatles reunion between McCartney’s father and drummer Ringo Starr. Other guests included Michael Jackson’s daughter and longtime friend of the house Paris Jackson, as well as singer M.I.A., and Melanie C, formerly of the Spice Girls, who expressed her long-standing admiration for McCartney’s designs. The singer’s presence, coupled with her enthusiastic engagement with fans and echoes of “girl power,” underscored the influential reach and appeal of McCartney’s sustainable fashion ethos.

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