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10 Timeless Fall Fashion Wardrobe Essentials


Get a jump on fall’s fashion trends with these wardrobe tips.

Fall fashion is self-explanatory, a mere tautology … fall fashion is about clothing that we will befriend as the weather cools, and if we play our cards right, every fall after the next one.

Fall, winter, then spring, summer and then fall again; it is not a cycle, it is a path of never-ending births and rebirths. Nothing better than experiencing and celebrating these sublime transformations dressed in the most elegant, comfortable and sustainable fashion. After all, the ultimate form creator and trendsetter is nature itself.

woman in sweater
Courtesy Mikhail Nilov | Pexels

Pieces like cargo or chino trousers, lightweight smart knits, classical sweatshirts and hoodies, comfortable joggers and of course, the extremely extended range of denim garments, are not just one season bets but blue chip long term investments. 

This coming fall, all trends, tendencies and collections will have a single common denominator — and this will be an even greater shift toward eco-consciousness. The sustainable methods of production, marketing and delivery of the clothing and accessories that are about to seduce us will be the real protagonists.

Sustainable fashion industry at a glance

The stats capture this pivotal change underway, but they also make clear that there is plenty of space for further improvements.

● The value of the ethical fashion market is estimated to reach a value of approximately $10 billion by 2025.

● The organic segment of the fashion industry, with a projected compound annual growth rate of 16.2 percent, is expected to be the fastest-growing segment.

● The ethical fashion market is segmented by type into fair trade animal cruelty-free, eco-friendly and charitable brands. The animal cruelty free was the largest segment of the ethical fashion market (by type) accounting for 43.3 percent of the total in 2022.

Shein's clothing and shoes contain high levels of toxic chemicals
Shein’s fast fashion clothing | Courtesy

● Fast fashion is slowly being replaced by slow fashion. Consumers become more aware of the importance and ethics of sustainability. So much so that there has been an estimated 50 percent decrease in fast fashion sales.

● In the ethical and sustainable clothing scene, the plus size market is sometimes overlooked. However, the plus size clothing market is expected to grow by an average of 5.9 percent every year until 2027. Over this same period, the sector is projected to grow in value to a staggering $696.71 billion. To put this number into perspective, the value of the plus size or size-inclusive sector will outpace the seafood industry and the footwear sector by 2027.

Why shop sustainably?

The most en vogue approach? The sustainable approach!

Navigating in the vast ocean of trends, looks, brands, outfits, combinations and ideas it is sometimes easy to get lost (ask Ulysses!). The only compass that can safely guide us is sustainability. The kind that emerges from ethics and consciousness.

●  The ethical fashion market includes revenues earned by the production of organic, natural, biodegradable, recycled or repurposed fabrics.

● Around 60 percent of the clothes we wear are made from plastic and materials like polyester, nylon, acrylic, and other synthetics. A lot of this plastic, coming from synthetic fibres, ends up in the oceans. Synthetic fibres from materials used to make low-quality, cheap clothing.

A garment factory for H&M.
A garment factory for H&M. Photo courtesy International Labour Organization | Flickr

● Renting clothes is a wonderful alternative to acquire more pricey pieces. Instead of buying, renting can help you save up a lot of money while protecting the environment and employees in the fashion supply chain.

● At a summit in Gran Canaria, the European Fashion Alliance (EFA) discussed measures aimed at encouraging a more sustainable and inclusive future for the fashion industry. The EFA believes that sustainability, digital transformation, innovation, education and labour market measures, will transform the fashion industry and propel the production of more durable, repairable, reusable and recyclable textiles.

So, is sustainable fashion on the rise? No doubt about it; but much more has to be accomplished.

The latest fall fashion trends

If this fall’s clothing has a name this is: wearable! The fashion savants have made their ruling: women shall be offered clothes to be easily used every day and everywhere. Boxy, oversized ’80s cuts, delightfully colourful, glittery, flexible and vintagey (or vintageous?) garments is what we are to expect. Next fall will also be red, sneakery and tight; as tight as a pair of practical, trendy tights.

And now that we’ve laid down the general plan, let’s talk specifics!

Wide leg trousers
Wide leg trousers | Courtesy Sezane

1. Wide trousers

You live by the moment. You never know where life is going to lead you next so you’d better have a pair of wide, comfortable trousers on. Everything is easier wearing a pair of classic chino trousers. Pair them with sandals or all stars and a white or blue shirt à la française.

woman in a sweater
Courtesy Laura Chouette | Unsplash

2. Red red red

This fall won’t be dry, brown and yellow, it will be juicy and red! Red shirts, red trousers, red jackets, red sambas and red gazelles, red bags, red socks, red knits. If it has the word red in it, it is in fashion.

mara hoffman skirt
Courtesy Mara Hoffman

3. Midi

Voluminous, midi and maxi skirts are among this fall’s tendencies. Use them! They are too easy to style and you will lose no time in front of the mirror. You can wear a white or black tank top, a wide long shirt tied with a thin belt and a cropped indigo denim jacket over it. You can also opt for a striped sweater and a blazer or for a tight body and an ’80s vintage jacket. Midi or maxi, black or red, with buttons or with a zipper — there are sustainable fall dresses for all tastes!

stella mccartney bomber jacket
Courtesy Stella McCartney

4. Utility

Utility clothes have become essential. Is it because they are practical, is it because they are stylish, is it because they can be dressed up and down. Who knows, really? In any case, wear a jumpsuit — no need to add anything else to it.

Dressed up or down, chinos are a wardrobe stape. Courtesy Dockers

5. Khakis and cargos

The khaki and cargo trousers have proved their value in the most inhospitable corners of the globe. To elegantly walk on the catwalks and the streets is way too easy for them. Style them in the most imaginative, personal way and rejoice!

G.H. Bass's first sustainable penny loafers are made with cactus leather
G.H. Bass’s first sustainable penny loafers are made with cactus leather | Courtesy

6. Loafers

They are classy, they are classic, they can be iconoclastic. Loafers are the best addition to your fall outfits. Wear them with white socks or with invisible socks, with chinos and jeans or with skirts and shorts. Loafers will walk you through anything you need.

doc martens
How did Doc Martens become such iconic boots? Photo courtesy Kilian Seiler | Unsplash

7. Boots

Fall is rainy. So, when loafers are too low, switch to hi-tops with a pair of elegant boots. Wear them with trousers, with skirts, with tights or even with a retro Adidas tracksuit.

chore jacket
Chore jacket | Courtesy Everlane

8. The chore

Chore jackets; another elegant option that will untie your hands when looking for a grand finale for your fall outfits. Opt for a denim Chore jacket and wear it with a pair of white jeans, green socks and a pair of sneakers. We are thinking something like Reebok C85’s or a pair of classic Stan Smiths.

oversized shirt
Courtesy Tommy Hilfiger

9. Oversized shirt

Oversized shirts will be one of the central axes around which countless outfits will revolve this fall. Create a 100 percent wide outfit with loose trousers, an oversized shirt, a long maxi coat, and chunky sneakers or play with the volumes and wear slim jeans, a long white shirt, a cropped leather jacket and a pair of elegant sneakers or leather boots.

Svala handbags
Courtesy Svala

10. Bag it!

No outfit is complete without a bag. A black chic bag is the most practical and versatile solution to keep close to you your laptop, lunch or your gym clothes, your books, notebooks and makeup or all the above.

You could also opt for a handy vegan leather tote bag and set out to discover all the sustainable fall fashion trends!

Joan Calabia operates as the Digital Lead for Dockers International at Levi Strauss & Co. Joan’s experience spans the intricacies of marketing operations to creating immersive consumer experiences. He continues to lead the brand direction adapting to the new generation of casual consumers in our era, while maintaining the California cool lifestyle that is heritage to the brand.

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