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‘The Morning Show’ Costume Designers Partner With Secondhand Platform, The RealReal


Secondhand luxury platform The RealReal and the costume designers for AppleTV’s hit series “The Morning Show,” have curated a collection based on the show’s leading female characters.

“The Morning Show”(TMS) Season 3 costume designers Debra McGuire, Sophie De Rakoff, and Beth Lancaster have brought the signature looks of characters Alex Levy (Jennifer Aniston), Bradley Jackson (Reese Witherspoon), and Stella Bak (Greta Lee), to curated edits on the secondhand platform, The RealReal.

TMS’s Alex, Bradley, and Stella redefine modern power dressing in Season 3 where McGuire curated all of Aniston’s Levy wardrobe, including items from Aniston’s personal collection. Three of the episodes were designed by De Rakoff, who also does all of the costumes for Witherspoon’s Jackson. Lancaster provided support on the rest of the designs, including Lee’s Bak.

McGuire says Aniston’s Alex is much more physically exposed in the third season. “We see a lot of arms. We see skin, we see more body-forming clothes, more body conscious, and I think it’s very symbolic of where Alex is at,” she told People.

“She’s feeling better in her body. She’s feeling good, she’s feeling powerful, she’s feeling stronger. And I just think it’s a great metaphor to see that physicality and to take us through this season in the way that it does. And of course, [Aniston’ adds a lot to the clothing part in terms of her magical powers of physical beauty.”

Aniston and McGuire have worked together for more than 30 years — since the Friends’ days. “Here’s the thing: Jennifer is one of the very few actors who really knows herself in terms of her physicality,” McGuire told Harper’s Bazaar. “Often actors will tell you what looks good on them, and as designers, we know that’s not always what is actually the best look for them. But Jennifer is quite exceptional in that she knows exactly what works. I trust her instincts in a way that I [don’t] with any other actor. Just look at her personal decisions she’s made in terms of her red-carpet looks — she’s never had a mistake.”

The RealReal Alex Levy Edit
The RealReal’s curated Alex Levy edit

For the Bradley Jackson character, De Rakoff says there’s been a “dramatic evolution” from Season 1, where she’s an unpolished field reporter from West Virginia in jeans, boots, and blazers. “She gets put in this position on morning news that I don’t think that she’s ready for emotionally or physically,” De Rakoff says. “That is part of the trajectory in the story of season 1 is her stepping into and learning to be comfortable with this and pushing back against the manipulation and the expectations of gender and position.”

De Rakoff says by season 3, Jackson is the evening news anchor. And that’s changed her style, too. “She’s really and truly earned her seat at the table, and I think she herself, the character, feels deeply accomplished,” De Rakoff told People. “This is the culmination of all of her professional dreams. Bradley is a workaholic. It’s all about work for her. The focus is on how she presents herself as an anchor and what that means to her.”

Lee’s Stella character joined the series last season, and Lancaster says there’s been a refinement into Season 3. “Whereas in season 2, it may have been your fleece hoodies and such,” Lancaster said.

The Morning Show poster
The Morning Show edit is now live on The RealReal

“In season 3, you’ll see it’s going to be a Loewe hoodie. It’s going to be the much finer, much more expensive version of that. It’s going to lay in a much different way, and it’s going to be perhaps tailored out of wool instead of tailored out of a fleece,” she said.

“But it’s still the same Stella that we know and love. It’s just elevated that little bit more as she’s started to climb the corporate ladder. Instead of coming directly from Silicon Valley, she’s lifted it up that little, little bit. She’s taken it up a notch.”

The collaboration between AppleTV and The RealReal offers TMS fans the opportunity to emulate their favorite characters. It’s also an invitation to embrace a style narrative that celebrates powerful women, and a sustainable approach to luxury fashion.

The Alex Levy edit features Dior mules, a strapless Tom Ford top, and a Gabriela Hearst crew neck long dress. The Bradley Jackson edit features a vintage Yves Saint Laurent blouse, an Alexander McQueen midi-length dress, and a Veronica Beard crew neck sweater. For Stella’s edit, a long-sleeve Acne button-up shirt, satin-printed Prada oxfords, and a Sacai blazer.

You can shop the edits here.

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