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What to Do With Your Old Furniture Besides Sending It to Landfills


Furniture is an investment. Here’s how to make the most of your furniture pieces so they’ll endure for years.

Furniture is far more than a mere functional necessity; it’s a canvas for creativity, an embodiment of personal taste, and an extension of our ethics. So, before relegating that aged piece to the landfill, reconsider. With a little imagination, some handy work, and a commitment to eco-conscious choices, the potential to transform, prolong, and optimize your furniture is endless. And in doing so, you don’t just make a style statement; you echo a far more critical sentiment: that of responsible, sustainable living.

But what happens when that charming table or once-adored chest of drawers feels outdated or superfluous? Must we, in our sustainability-driven era, resign ourselves to merely replacing it? Absolutely not. Let’s explore creative and eco-friendly approaches to revitalize your living space without parting ways with cherished furnishings.


Once the luster has dimmed on a piece of furniture, it’s easy to think about disposing of it. However, repurposing offers an eco-friendly alternative that infuses new life into the item. A bookshelf can become an aesthetically pleasing mini-garden when filled with potted plants, succulents, and herbs. By repurposing, you reduce waste and can create more unique living spaces.

secondhand furniture
Image courtesy 1st Dibs

The key to successful repurposing is to consider the utility of the furniture piece beyond its original function. An old ladder, for example, could serve as a makeshift towel rack or even an avant-garde bookshelf. Let your imagination roam freely to innovate ways to extend the life cycle of your furniture.

Storage as decor

When it comes to maximizing the functionality of your furniture, storage should never be an afterthought. Pieces like ottomans or benches with built-in storage compartments serve dual roles, effectively decluttering while adding aesthetic appeal. Such furniture lends an elegant touch to your interior whilst maintaining a tidy atmosphere.

But storage needn’t be a monotonous endeavor. Why not turn the quintessential drawer unit into a statement piece? Paint it in vibrant hues or line the drawers with bold, graphic prints. By doing so, you not only elevate the room’s décor but also make storage itself a form of expression.

Conscious customization

If you’re savvy with a paintbrush or handy with a sewing machine, customizing your furniture is another route to consider. Transform a plain, wooden table into an art piece by adding intricate designs or patterns. If that old armchair is a drab focal point, jazz it up with some bright, sustainable fabric.

Customization affords a unique opportunity for self-expression. By choosing environmentally friendly paints or fabrics, you not only breathe new life into a piece but also make a commitment to sustainable living. A dual triumph of aesthetics and ethics, conscious customization is a rewarding undertaking.

Explore multi-functionality

Some of the most versatile furniture pieces are those designed to perform multiple functions. For instance, a bed with pull-out drawers or a dining table with a hidden section that extends its length can be invaluable. Investing in or retrofitting furniture to become multi-functional maximizes space and utility.

Photo courtesy Ryan Kim

Should you possess a penchant for DIY, even simple, incremental changes can transform a basic piece into a multi-functional marvel. Adding a hinge to a desk could create a hideaway compartment for paperwork, while removable trays on a coffee table facilitate easier serving and cleaning. Every tweak adds value to your furniture while contributing to efficient living.

Taking a furniture break

Sometimes, all your furniture needs to regain its charm is a brief hiatus. If you’re not using certain pieces, consider stashing them safely in climate-controlled storage units. To find out more about storing furniture, conduct some research to ascertain the best environment for various materials like wood, fabric, or metal.

Having a rotating cast of furniture pieces can also imbue your home with a fresh appeal. Carefully stored items will be ready for re-introduction when you yearn for a change, maintaining their integrity and cutting down on the impulse to buy new. Thoughtful storage is an investment in prolonging the life of your furniture.

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