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With His New Cannabis Label, Travis Barker Is Building a Vegan Wellness Empire: ‘I Know How Important Self-Care Is’


Travis Barker, wellness guru, has launched a new vegan cannabis label alongside the debut of a CBD spa package at the JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa.

Travis Barker is a busy man. The drummer, founder of Barker Wellness, and new father to three-month-old Rocky Thirteen with wife Kourtney Kardashian, has announced the launch of Barker Canna Co., a cannabis brand rooted in California cannabis culture and aimed at enhancing creativity and wellness through its premium product offerings. This venture is a testament to Barker’s long-standing passion for cannabis and its benefits.

The inception of Barker Canna Co. builds on Barker’s health and wellness journey following a life-altering plane crash in 2008. Barker launched the CBD wellness label Barker Wellness in 2021. It contains topical products and tinctures. The new venture into cannabis products is a continuation of Barker’s commitment to a vegan lifestyle and exploration of the healing properties of cannabis. The Blink 182 drummer is a longtime vegan and backer of the plant-based Los Angeles restaurant, Crossroads.

Travis Barker with gummies
Travis Barker with his new gummies | Photo courtesy Barker Canna Co.

The new Barker Canna Co. products will be available exclusively at The Syndicate dispensary locations. The products are designed to elevate the cannabis experience, with a lineup that includes Live Rosin and Full Gram Vapes, developed in collaboration with Jupiter Research for its cutting-edge vaporization hardware, alongside vegan Real-Fruit Gummies, and Mini Infused Pre-Rolls known as Mini Barkies.

“Given my appreciation for cannabis, the launch of Barker Canna Co. was a natural next step,” Barker said in a statement. “I’m thrilled to offer cannabis enthusiasts a range of products that embody both my commitment to clean, quality cannabis goods and my appreciation for cannabis culture. The Barker Canna Co. products deliver top-notch care for your cannabis experience and I’m confident that the products will spark inspiration and self-expression through your cannabis journey. I look forward to sharing the unique benefits of Barker Canna Co and hope this collection not only elevates your cannabis experience but also empowers your creative spirit like it does for me.”

In addition to edibles, Barker Canna Co. offers vaporizers equipped with advanced CCELL heating technology. The Half Gram Live Rosin All-In-One Vaporizer and Full Gram All-In-One Vaporizer promise an unparalleled vaping experience, emphasizing the unique flavors of each strain.

Travis Barker
Travis Barker with Barker Wellness | Photo courtesy Barker Wellness

Alongside the launch of Barker Canna Co., Barker Wellness has announced a partnership with JW Marriott’s Desert Springs Resort & Spa in Palm Desert. This collaboration introduces the Barker Wellness CBD Massage, a spa treatment utilizing CBD & CBC Muscle Therapy Cream and Cannabinoid-infused Body Oil from Barker Wellness. This partnership marks a first for JW Marriott in the Coachella Valley. The Spa at Desert Springs, boasting a 38,000-square-foot facility, now offers guests an elevated massage experience that promises full-body and mind wellness.

“I’m really excited about this partnership and for guests to experience Barker Wellness in JW Marriott,” Barker said. “As someone who’s constantly on the go, I know how important self-care is for maintaining both physical and mental health. Incorporating spa visits into your routine can really help overall well-being, whether you’re a touring artist or just aiming to nurture both body and mind.”

barker wellness
Barker Wellness products | Courtesy

Dawn Ferraro, JW Marriott Desert Springs Spa Director, expressed her excitement about the partnership. “We are thrilled to partner with Barker Wellness and have already experienced early praise for the products along with the highest accolades from our massage therapists who have endorsed the results-driven massage creme and oil. We are also excited for our clients to experience the full line of Barker Wellness products available in the Spa Retail Shop.”

The new Barker Wellness CBD Massage targets soreness and inflammation while also promoting full body and mind wellness. Guests at the JW Marriott Desert Springs Spa have the option of using the Barker Wellness CBD infused Muscle Therapy Cream, which contains bisabolol, peppermint oil, shea butter, jojoba and sunflower oils, and eucalyptus, or the CBD-infused Body Oil, formulated with jojoba oil, squalane, sweet almond oil, and rosemary. 

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