Monday, December 11, 2023

Cleancult Brings Eco Home With New Refillable Aluminum Soap Bottles


Eco-friendly household cleaning pioneer Cleancult has unveiled the first mass-market line of home care products in refillable aluminum bottles.

Cleancult has been at the forefront of the fight against plastic waste since its inception in 2019. As a pioneer in sustainable household cleaning solutions, the brand’s system champions the use of 100 percent recyclable paper-based cartons and durable aluminum bottles, significantly diminishing the environmental footprint of home cleaning routines.

The launch of the new products, which include dish soaps, all-purpose cleaners, and hand soaps, are set to revolutionize the cleaning aisle and consumer awareness. Aimed at reducing plastic waste, these offerings are launching at major retailers such as Walmart and Albertsons, signaling a significant shift towards more environmentally conscious consumer choices.

Ryan Lupberger, Cleancult’s CEO and Co-Founder, emphasized the importance of making sustainable options more accessible. “We understand ease, convenience, and access are key in converting more people to no-plastic fanatics,” he said in a statement. By partnering with Walmart and Albertsons, Cleancult intends to support the healthy planet and people initiatives that these retailers advocate, making it simpler for consumers to participate in eco-friendly practices.

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Cleancult’s message is clear: adopt a refillable lifestyle to avoid contributing to the ever-growing landfill issue.

Albertsons is also joining in on this sustainable journey by featuring Cleancult’s 12 fluid-ounce hand soaps, complete with refill cartons, across roughly 2,000 of its stores. These bottles are not only made to last but are styled to enhance any kitchen or bathroom decor. They encapsulate the brand’s commitment to sustainability through a design that encourages consumers to refill and reuse.

“At Albertsons, we’re continually looking for opportunities to expand our sustainable product selection and reduce unnecessary packaging, which is why we’re thrilled to introduce Cleancult’s refillable aluminum hand soaps to our customers,” said Albertsons’ Chief Sustainability and Transformation Officer, Suzanne Long. The partnership underscores Albertsons’ goal to foster eco-friendly practices among its customers, helping to nurture healthier communities and a healthier planet.

The introduction of Cleancult’s products in these retail spaces is more than just a new soap option — it’s a step toward closing the loop on plastic waste. A mere fraction of U.S.-produced plastic makes it to recycling centers; hence, the collaboration between Cleancult, Walmart, and Albertsons serves to promote circular economy principles among consumers without demanding significant changes to their purchasing habits or sacrificing quality and affordability.

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