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Is Eco-Friendly Toothpaste Worth It? We Put 7 Natural Brands to the Test


Natural toothpaste brands are becoming more eco-friendly, offering pastes, powders, and even tablets, to help you get that gorgeous, healthy smile.

When trying to reduce your environmental impact, it’s often relatively easy (and cheap) to make small changes. Like switching from plastic bags to reusable ones, reducing your food waste by making the most out of your groceries, or forgoing throwaway coffee cups for a metal flask.

But some changes take a little bit more research — like switching out your toothpaste. It may sound simple, but with so many options out there, from toothpaste tabs to cleaning powders, it can be an overwhelming market.

The good news is not only are there a growing number of natural and eco-friendly toothpaste brands to choose from, and many are also adopting zero-waste practices, too.

What about the toothbrush?

Your dentist will tell you your toothbrush choice matters — a lot. While the disposable kind work in a pinch or when you’re traveling (there are eco-bamboo and recycled plastic options for those occasions), experts recommend going electric. Not only do electric toothbrushes do much of the work for you, but they do it better. Dentists love the Oral-B electric brushes, or try Moon for a chic ergonomic design and a range of settings. But it’s hard to go wrong with any of them.

On the note of electrifying your brushing, you can electrify your flossing, too, with a Waterpik. It can be more effective than conventional flossing, which many dentists will tell you is more important than brushing anyway.

Eco-friendly natural toothpaste brands

What makes a toothpaste brand eco-friendly? There’s no one catch-all definition, but a few things make a difference — from ingredients to packaging. The same goes for natural: the cleaner the ingredients, the more natural it is, even though there’s no formal definition for “natural.” Zero-waste toothpaste brands like the few tablets on this list are a great place to start your journey to sustainable toothpaste. Give these brands a try.

1. Bite

Bite promises to keep your pearly whites pristine with its vegan, cruelty-free and eco-friendly toothpaste bits. Packaged in a recyclable glass jar, these ‘bits’ are simply natural toothpaste tabs and they’re super easy to use. Just pop one in your mouth, bite down, and brush (also make sure to wet your toothbrush to get the best results).

One jar contains enough toothpaste bits to keep you going for 4 months. At $30 a jar, that’s about 25 cents per day. Plus, after your supply is used up Bite will deliver a refill in compostable packaging through the easy subscription service.

Not sure it’s a fit? Try them out on a trial basis at just $12, with the smaller bottle containing enough bits to last you for around a month.

Why we love it: The convenience can’t be beat and the natural ingredients deliver fresh breath and keep teeth naturally white without harsh chemicals.

2. Huppy

Like Bite, Huppy has also jumped on the toothpaste tablet train. Its tabs are completely plastic-free, non-GMO, cruelty-free and, it should be noted, extra minty. On top of that, they’re also super simple to use. Just pop one in your mouth, chew, and brush twice a day.

You can either buy a 4 month’s supply or try these eco-friendly toothpaste tabs on a trial basis. When you purchase, you’ll also be provided with a plastic-free Huppy container, and every refill is packaged using compostable materials.

In case you needed any more convincing, Huppy has also been given the seal of approval from Women’s Health and the Self Healthy Beauty Awards.

Why we love it: Another super easy travel option with exceptional flavor and nice foaming action. Not for the peppermint averse!

3. Georganics

Whatever kind of dental product you’re looking for, Georganics have got it. From toothpaste tabs and pastes to plastic-free floss and mouthwash, as well as mineral toothpaste powder. You’ll find them in a range of flavors ranging from your standard peppermint to charcoal.

All are cruelty-free and vegan, flavored with organic oils that naturally remove stains and whiten teeth. To use, simply dip your toothbrush into the recyclable glass jar to coat with powder, and then brush as normal.

Why we love it: The powder or the tablets offer you an easy way to brush. The spearmint flavor isn’t overpowering, either.

4. Davids

Founded in 2011, Davids is an old hand when it comes to producing top-quality eco-friendly dental products. One of the few pre-formulated kinds of toothpaste on the sustainable market, all of  Davids products come in recyclable metal tubes which are not only better for the planet, but much easier to squeeze than classic plastic tubes.

The brand’s vegan toothpastes are fluoride and SLS free, and 98 percent of ingredients are sourced in the U.S., where the company is based, thus saving on further carbon emissions.

Why we love it: Davids gives classic toothpaste a modern makeover with a fully recyclable metal tube and old-fashioned minty paste inside. So good you’ll never forget to brush!

hello toothpaste

5. Hello

Hello makes a range of oral care products that are friendlier for you, and for the planet. The brand is committed to making everything in its portfolio vegan, cruelty-free, and sustainable. It uses plant-based, natural ingredients such as aloe vera, bamboo, coconut oil, palm oil, stevia, and mint, and never tests on animals.

“Brushing. Rinsing. Smiling. It’s all good. But you know what’s not so good? Testing products on animals or adding in animal-derived ingredients where they aren’t needed,” the company says on its website. “We’re all part of this planet, so it’s important that consumer products—including oral care ones—are good to our bodies, our furry friends, and the environment.”

Why we love it: Charcoal toothpaste brightens your smile but some can taste a bit like … charcoal. Hello delivers the benefits in a natural, vegan minty paste that tastes great.

6. Risewell

Risewell is carving out a unique space in the toothpaste market using a natural form of hydroxyapatite. The whitening and anti-cavity mineral is ethically sourced from a mine in France. Risewell says it has visited every single supplier to know exactly where it came from. The company boasts what it says is the highest quality hydroxyapatite in the world.

Beyond its hero ingredient, Risewell uses all-natural plant-based ingredients for a great-tasting toothpaste that’ll leave you smiling in more ways than one.

Why we love it: Risewell’s unique mineral base is also uniquely traceable, which we love. It also delivers a brighter smile and fresh, minty breath that lasts.

Canary toothpaste tablets

7. Canary

For a fresh and lasting clean that doesn’t stain the planet, Canary offers a convenient option. No more plastic waste, no more wasted toothpaste bits in the tube — Canary ensures a plastic-free and travel-friendly brushing every time.

The vegan tablets are made in the U.S., and come in fresh flavors like peppermint, wintergreen, strawberry-kiwi, and watermelon — all without being too intense. No aspartame, gluten, parabens, or sulfates. The subscription model lets you reuse your glass jar with refillable pouches coming every four months — adding extra convenience to your daily oral hygiene habits.

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