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Space-Saving Tips for Maximizing Your Small Bathroom


Your bathroom may be small, but with these sustainable space-saving renovation tips, it’ll feel like a vast paradise.

Having a small bathroom doesn’t mean sacrificing functionality or style. With clever strategies and sustainable choices, you can transform your compact bathroom into a functional and eco-friendly oasis.

Embrace space-saving fixtures, efficient lighting, and smart storage solutions to maximize the available space while keeping clutter at bay. Choose eco-friendly materials and water-saving fixtures to reduce your environmental footprint and promote sustainability in your bathroom.

Why renovate your bathroom, even when it’s small

The bathroom is not often top of the list when renovating the home. It is, after all, a utility space, designated for the less glamorous aspects of self-care. But paying attention to your bathroom could increase the value of your home by up to ten percent, to say nothing of the quality-of-life boost that you can feel from actually enjoying your bathing experience. All said, what are the better ways to approach renovating your bathroom?

Fresh paint

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best to run with – and a fresh lick of paint could be all your bathroom needs for you to feel renewed within it. Much of your bathroom may be tiled, and we will address this shortly, but there will be some key areas that could benefit from some fresh paint. The ceiling is a key contender, as might be the walls above the tiling if your bathroom isn’t completely tiled. An earthy pastel color can bring a sense of nature and calm to the space, and provide a new feature to draw the eyes.

walk-in shower
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Modern shower

Sometimes a showstopping feature is just the thing for a subtle redesign. In renovating your bathroom, you have an opportunity to upgrade your fixtures and fittings; your choices here could greatly inform the finished bathroom, and again give you a key focal point. In smaller bathrooms, the perfect focal point could come in the form of your choice of shower enclosures. A modern shower unit with glass partitions and a chrome framework could stand out nicely against earthy tones, giving you a shower experience to look forward to.


If you are going to the trouble of pulling out older fittings in service of a new shower enclosure, then you probably have the time and budget to reconsider your tiling. While a fresh lick of paint costs practically no money and can have major impacts on décor, re-tiling is well worth the time and money – and not just for the waterproofing. A new tile approach or design can be utterly transformative, particularly if it echoes your paintwork; earthy stonework is coming back around as a great décor option for the modern home.

New cabinets

An elegant place to store towels, towelettes, and toiletries can be the difference between an underwhelming, utilitarian bathroom and a luxuriant, comfortable bathing space. A vanity cabinet over the sink, with inbuilt lighting, can enhance morning and evening routines, and make for a dramatic change to the feel of your finished space.

Important factors to consider

When renovating a small bathroom, there are several factors to consider. Here are a few key points to help you create the perfect space:

  • Measurements:  Be sure to check the measurements of your room before you start shopping for fixtures. 
  • Budget: Set a realistic budget and stick to it.
  • Color Scheme: Choose muted shades like light gray or beige to make the room look larger. 
  • Ventilation: Install an exhaust fan to keep humidity levels in check and reduce odors.
  • Accessories: Choose stylish yet functional items such as baskets, towel racks, or mirrors to complete the look. 

Bathroom upgrades

Transforming your bathroom can give you something to look forward to when you get home from work or when life starts to feel a little too much. 

Choose neutral colors 

Although many people like to add personality to their bathroom with bold and bright colors, this is not ideal for making your space feel like a luxury spa. You don’t want any distractions or sensory overloads. Instead, picking the best paint colors for bathrooms becomes much easier if you focus on neutral colors. Don’t assume that this makes the area feel empty because you can always decorate the walls with artwork and prints that stand out more because there isn’t too much going on and you can sink into the bath and relax for however long you like.

towels on a rack

Upgrade your towels

Aside from the bath itself, there’s nothing better than getting out and having a fresh plush towel to dry yourself. If you are still using the same towels you’ve owned for years, they won’t be as soft, which can cause all sorts of problems, such as itchy skin and rashes, undoing all the benefits of your at-home spa day. Opt for organic towels and save them for special occasions to keep them as fluffy as possible for longer. 

Use essential oils 

Professional spas use a range of calming scents that help you relax and embrace the luxury you’re about to enjoy. The good news is that you can do the same in your bathroom with an essential oil diffuser. You can also use scented soaps and lotions while buying fresh flowers or plants can make the spa feel cozier and help achieve the perfect atmosphere. 

Use mirrors to make the space appear larger

Replace your hardware with sleek chrome handles or install a marble countertop. Furthermore, mirrors make the room appear bigger, so hanging large mirrors can make your home spa feel more professional. This option also offers a functional benefit, as it will be easier to pamper yourself and get ready once you’re out of the bath. However, this doesn’t mean you should replace your wooden cabinets because they add natural texture and personality to complement modern fixtures. 

Invest in a low-flow showerhead

If you’ve never used a waterfall showerhead before, your life is about to change. Instead of using the standard showerheads, learning how to change your showerhead can bring even more luxury to your bathroom experience. You can enjoy a gentle but effective cleanse with a low-flow showerhead that reduces water use and allows you to take your time, which is much better than feeling you need to rush like you’re getting ready for work in the morning. 

Overhaul your toilet paper

Your luxe bathroom isn’t complete without toilet tissue that considers the planet, too. Brands like Who Gives a Crap use sustainably sourced bamboo and recycled materials for toilet paper that’s better for the planet while still offering a soft, luxurious feel.

Sustainable space-saving bathroom tips

By implementing these sustainable strategies, you can create a stylish and functional bathroom that not only serves your needs but also contributes to a greener and more sustainable future.

1. Opt for space-saving fixtures

In a small bathroom, every inch counts. Choose space-saving fixtures that are designed to fit snugly into compact areas. Wall-mounted sinks and toilets, for example, free up valuable floor space, creating a more open and spacious feel.

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Additionally, consider installing a shower with a sliding door or a corner bathtub to maximize the available space while adding a touch of elegance.

2. Use efficient lighting

Good lighting is essential in any bathroom, especially a small one. Opt for energy-efficient LED lights to brighten the space while minimizing energy consumption.

Consider installing task lighting around the vanity area to provide ample illumination for grooming tasks. Dimmer switches are a great addition, allowing you to adjust the brightness according to your needs and saving electricity.

3. Incorporate smart storage solutions

Clutter can quickly overwhelm a small bathroom. Embrace smart storage solutions to keep everything organized and within reach. Install shelves or wall-mounted cabinets to take advantage of vertical space.

Use sustainable materials such as bamboo or reclaimed wood for your storage units to reduce environmental impact. Reusable storage containers are also a great way to keep items tidy while avoiding single-use plastic.

4. Choose eco-friendly materials

When renovating your small bathroom, be mindful of the materials you use. Opt for eco-friendly options such as low VOC paints, which release fewer harmful chemicals into the air, contributing to better indoor air quality.

sustainability trends

Consider using sustainable flooring materials like bamboo or cork, which are durable and renewable. Recycled glass tiles are another environmentally responsible choice that adds a touch of elegance to your bathroom.

5. Embrace water-saving fixtures

Small bathroom space: sustainable tips  also includes embracing water-saving fixtures. Replace old faucets, showerheads, and toilets with water-saving fixtures that help reduce water usage without compromising performance.

You can also install a dual-flush toilet, which allows you to choose between a full flush and a half flush based on your needs. Installing a rainwater tank is another great way to conserve water while helping to lower your water bills.

6. Glass enclosure for showers

Ditch the bulky shower curtains and opt for a glass enclosure instead. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it also helps create an illusion of a larger space by allowing more light into the area.

If you prefer curtains in your bathroom, choose lightweight fabrics such as linen or bamboo, which are both sustainable and stylish.

7. Choose greener cleaning products

Many conventional cleaning products contain harsh chemicals that can damage the environment. Make the switch to greener options like natural, non-toxic products or homemade cleaners made from ingredients such as baking soda and white vinegar. 

These sustainable alternatives are not only better for your health but also help reduce waste and conserve resources which is great for the planet.

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